Artists at the Museum Collaborative Announced!

Artists at the Museum--Where local artists can create and collaborate!

On the second Saturday of each month, artists can come take advantage of the uniquely diverse collection found at the Midwest Museum of Natural History. Bring your art supplies and imagination! After a few hours of creating, those interested can gather to discuss and critique each other’s work.  This is an informal group geared toward having fun, and learning!

No registration is required.  All skill levels and ages are welcome.


Guidelines for artists at the museum:

No food or drink in the exhibit galleries (other than water).

Please be polite and courteous to curious guests interested in your work.

There is to be no acrylic or oil paint (due to the nature of those mediums should one spill).

Consider engaging in the group critique, however, it is not required.

And, above all, have fun!


A standard museum admission fee is required. $1 discounts for students with a valid school ID. Chairs are limited, artists are encouraged to bring their own chair/stool. 

If you have any questions please contact Kayla Trusk, the Exhibitions and Collections Curator, at 815-895-9777.




Image credit: Alex Konahin