MMNH Announces New Logo and Brand

The Midwest Museum of Natural History is proud to announce a new logo, website, and brand. Under the guidance of Executive Director Cindy Khatri, and the Board of Directors, the Midwest Museum is taking steps to better communicate its purpose and vision with the public.

In 2016, the Museum surveyed hundreds of community partners, members of MMNH, and the general public on their understanding of the Midwest Museum. In partnership with designer
Richard McPheters, MMNH worked to create an updated, clean logo that highlights the Museum’s unique resources and purpose in the DeKalb County community. The new brand reflects the Museum’s widely varied and exotic collection, family-friendly programs and exhibit design, and fresh approach to connecting the community with the natural world.

“Creating a new brand that felt true to who we are as an institution was important to us. While our previous logo was well loved, we found that many visitors did not have a strong connection between the logo and the Museum. We wanted to make sure the new logo communicates what visitors can expect to find in our exhibits, and in their experience here,” commented Khatri. Inspiration for our new logo was taken from the most memorable collection specimen, the mounted African Elephant (affectionately nicknamed Ralph). 

In addition to the new logo, the Museum debuted a new website that is mobile-friendly and easy to navigate. “Finding upcoming programs or news about the Midwest Museum should be much easier for everyone involved,” continued Khatri, “the new site is designed to be user-friendly and informative to help the community find exactly what they need.”