Current Exhibit in the Gallery


Wunderkammer: Cabinets of Curiosity & Early Natural History Museums

August - February

Take a step back in time with us to a moment when artifact collecting and display was booming among the aristocracy of Europe. When European exploration was at it's height and the wealthy wanted to show their knowledge and power in the world by showcasing items and animals from around the world.

Wonder Rooms or Cabinets of Curiosity where everywhere at the time and we are bringing the tradition to our rotating gallery. Learn more about the custom and subsequent enlightenment that led to modern museums and science. Arrange your very own version of a Curiosity Cabinet and see what drew people to these amazing concepts.

Previous Exhibitions


Conservation Tales

January - July 2019

This exhibition highlights books written and illustrated by faculty and students from Ball State University focusing on animals native to the Midwest. We are excited to host their work and will have opportunities to meet them and participate in educational programs with them this spring

The exhibition will run from January 31st through July 27th


Evolving Universe


Explore our ever-changing universe, see meteorites, and take an imagination fueled journey in the MMNH rocket ship when you visit our newest exhibit: "Evolving Universe." The exhibit runs March - July in the Rotary Gallery at the Midwest Museum of Natural History.